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The Senior Care
Consulting Difference

Connecting families with the care they deserve

Kansas City's Top Senior Care
Placement Service


At Senior Care Consulting, we spend ample time researching the market to find the ideal community for your loved one based on their needs and affordability. We’ll conduct a proprietary geriatric care assessment to determine exactly what you need and research the marketplace to identify your top senior community options. After touring each community with you, we’ll provide a detailed summary report package to make the decision-making process that much easier.

We Work For YOU!

At the end of the day, we represent you and work for you and your family. Senior Care Consulting does not accept reimbursement from any senior communities, we take a fiduciary approach, so you can rest assured you’re receiving the most objective advice and best possible options from our professionals.

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Helping You With Critical Decisions

Making the hard decision to move your loved one into a senior care community can be stressful. For this reason, we do not provide your personal information to any community, ensuring you won’t be pressured by sales representatives as you choose the best place for your mom or dad.

Which Approach is Best For You?

Senior Care Consulting


"Free" Referral Services*

We work directly for you and represent you and your family


  Our job is to help you with critical decisions

They represent an incomplete list of area facilities, referring to them as their “partner communities” - they are free to you because they receive large commissions if you choose one of their recommended “partner communities”  


Their job is to generate revenue by helping to increase the occupancy and census of their “partner communities”

  We do not accept reimbursement from any care providers - ever

They are typically paid up to 100% of the first month’s cost by their contracted “partner communities”, we consider this to be a gross conflict of interest


We research the entire marketplace to find the best fit for your unique situation


They primarily recommend a limited number of “partner communities” and although they don’t have a contract with all available facilities in your market (many providers are not willing to “pay to play“), some may recommend non-contracted facilities on occasion 

When researching the market, we do not provide your personal information, acting as a filter, so that you are not contacted by any facility sales representatives


We tour the communities with you and conduct a performance audit, you’ll only spend a few hours with our process

During community tours, we ask questions that most people would not know to ask then report real time findings to you in our summary report package 

Not all, but some free referral services forward your personal information to their limited list of “partner communities”. Then, the facilities’ sales representatives all contact you immediately, it’s a race to see who can get to you first 

Some free referral services do not tour facilities with you, you’ll spend hours just returning all of the calls you receive from facility sales personnel, and this is only the beginning of your journey with them 

Some free referral services tell you about facility amenities, similar to what you would hear about when choosing a hotel while planning your next vacation 

* Some may tour facilities with you, and some do not.  It is possible that some may even recommend facilities that are not on their list of “partner communities”.  However, they all generate revenue by recommending their contracted “partner communities” and receiving large commissions if you choose one of them.  This is a fact, and this is their business model. 


Know Your Options
Choose With Care

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