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A Nationally Syndicated
Radio Program

Information, Education, and Resources for
Seniors and Their Caregivers

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Senior Care Live!

The mission of Senior Care Live is to provide information, education, and resources for seniors and their caregivers. Senior Care business professionals also enjoy the program and often say they learn something new each week! We discuss how to remain independent at home, when to consider moving to a senior care community, how to find the best care community, how to pay for the high cost of senior care, and more. We also frequently discuss elder law and estate planning issues, how to care for the caregiver, senior-related health issues, and more! Founder of Senior Care Consulting, Steve Kuker, started the program in Kansas City in 2013. Senior Care Live is now a nationally syndicated radio program heard across America! After the weekly radio broadcast, the program is turned into a podcast and can be found here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Senior Care Live Nationally Syndicated

Most Recent Senior Care Live Podcasts

Listen to Senior Care Live for information, education, and resources for seniors and their caregivers

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Senior Care Live can be heard every Saturday morning at 11am CST on Talk 980AM-KMBZ and again at 3pm CST on 98.1FM-KMBZ in Kansas City. For other locations across the country, check local stations for broadcast times in your area.

11am CST on Talk980AM

3pm CST on 98.1FM


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