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Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Thoughtful transitions and world-class care for your loved one.

Retirement Communities in Kansas City

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is an option that offers all levels of care under one roof or in a campus setting—independent living, assisted living, and long-term care. Some offer memory care, and some do not. As seniors age, their physical abilities and cognitive capacity can quickly change, requiring more hands-on services such as medical attention and memory care. At a CCRC, your loved one can age gracefully, knowing that their needs are met, and they don’t have to worry about moving from one community to another. 

CCRCs are designed to simplify the aging process, allowing seniors to move from one level of care to another without physically uprooting from community to community. Your elderly loved ones will find peace-of-mind living in a campus-style community where all their medical needs can be met while staying social and active. In a community as advanced as CCRCs, retirees can participate in various activities that improve their mental, physical, and social capabilities.

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Discover a Continuing Care Retirement Community Ideal For Your Needs

A continuing care retirement community is by far the most complex community to choose from because of the many variables involved. Entrance fees vary and are based on location, size, type of residence, and care services required. Paying for a CCRC guarantees housing and medical services for the rest of your loved one's life, so up-front costs tend to be much higher than other senior care communities. To ensure you’re making the right decision both financially and beneficially, the professionals at Senior Care Consulting are here to guide you. We’ll walk you through multiple CCRC options in your area and determine which is best for your loved one.

Frequently Asked CCRC Questions

Why Should I Choose a CCRC?
Continuing Care Retirement Communities are the ideal place for seniors to sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of their life with ease. The all-inclusive lifestyle means that they no longer have to worry about cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, and yard work because each of these services is included. Additionally, seniors will find social activities to participate in, chef-prepared meals that encourage healthy eating habits, updated security throughout the community, and much more.
How Do I Know if a CCRC is Right For My Loved One?

Unlike assisted living communities and long-term care, continuing care retirement communities offer something for everyone. Recommending help is never an easy task, but sometimes the signs tell us that our loved ones may benefit from added assistance. Some signs your loved one could benefit from continuing care include:

  • They require assistance with basic daily tasks such as cooking and housekeeping
  • They’re looking to downsize from their current home
  • They’re in need of more frequent social interactions
  • They would benefit from flexible care services

If any of these signs sound like your loved one, contact Senior Care Consulting today to schedule a free consultation. We will work with you to determine if a CCRC is the most beneficial senior care option.

Do You Essentially Own Your Residence in a CCRC?

Most CCRCs in Kansas City have an entrance fee where a percentage of the fee is refunded to you or your estate. In this model, you do not have an ownership stake in the property.

To find a continuing care retirement community in your area that best suits your needs, contact Senior Care Consulting today to get a free consultation.

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