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Two Approaches: Proactive versus Reactive


We have served hundreds of families over the past 13 years, and are proud of the way we help people in their greatest time of need.  Recently, I’m reminded of how incredibly different the experience can be under different circumstances and approaches – proactive versus reactive. 

We helped a gentleman find a great place for his parent requiring Alzheimer’s Dementia care, however, ideally he should have reached out for help months ago.  He has waited until the very last minute to place his parent, and as a result, is in jeopardy of losing the job he’s held for 30 years due to missing so much work over the past 15 months!  The stress of it all has caused him to suffer serious physical and mental health issues himself.  Fortunately, we are able and willing to assist families in crisis and are proud of the work we did for this gentleman and his parent.  But, because he waited so long and is reacting to the date in which he will lose his job, his options are somewhat limited. 

We also recently helped a couple who are living independently in their home, but have health concerns and want to move proactively to a continuing care retirement community.  He is a retired professor and she is a retired Director of Nursing with 30 years of experience working in nursing homes.  She knows that just one accident in the home could cause them to be in crisis.  She wants to have control in the decision making process and input regarding where they move, and not have the decision made for them if a crisis should occur.  They are not stressed at all and are comfortable with their decision and will be moving to the Independent Living level of a CCRC where they can comfortably age in place. 

Again, we were able to help both clients equally as well, but it is very clear that most people make better decisions when making them on their own terms and not under the extreme pressure of a crisis…  Proactive versus Reactive.