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Family Relationship Saved


We were contacted by a very nice lady needing help to determine the best place for her Mom and Dad.  They were not able to live independently at home any longer and needed daily assistance.  Dad is more independent than Mom is, but it was no longer safe for them to live at home alone and they didn’t want paid caregivers coming to their home to help.  Our client was in a major argument with her sister.  They both had different opinions of what they should do.  They both wanted the best for their parents, but were arguing about the right solution.  One wanted Independent Living, the other wanted Assisted Living.  As it turns out, they needed both... and more.  Senior Care Consulting is unbiased and very objective in our approach.  After learning about their parents' situation, abilities, needs, current cost of care, and projected future care needed, with our help they were able to come to agreement and found the perfect solution they could both agree on.  We were thanked by both sisters for saving their relationship.  We are honored to work with families in the greater Kansas City area to help them find the right Assisted Living facility, Nursing Home, Alzheimer’s Dementia Care, or in this case, a Continuing Care Retirement Community.