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Facility Refuses "Pay to Play"


I just had the BEST conversation with a director at a senior care community.  I’m doing research for a client to determine the best fit and the director asked me “how much do we have to pay you?”.  They were stunned when I said “why would I charge you… there is no payment necessary”.  I explained that I work for my client, with my client, and on behalf of them and their family.  I don’t work for the care communities, I work for my clients.  They retain me to represent them and help them choose the best facility for their unique situation and needs.  I do have a good working relationship with the communities, but I have NEVER accepted a single penny from them and never will.  My service with Senior Care Consulting is as objective as it can be.  I’m proud of my business model and the service I provide.  The director said this was refreshing and a fantastic way to conduct business, as they are no longer willing to “pay to play” with all of these “free” referral services.  If you know of someone who appreciates honesty, integrity, and objectivity, have them call today.  I will take great care of them and offer unmatched expertise, unbiased information, excellent service, and guide them through this extremely difficult decision and process.