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Consumer Alert: "Nursing Home Forced to Shut Down"

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We are SOOOO proud of the services we provide for individuals and families in their greatest time of need.  Please note the news report from KSHB.  Another nursing home is being shut down by the State.  This is NOT a surprise to us at all, as this particular place has had major issues for years.  They have also been a Special Focus Facility (SFF) for a very long time.  Just another example of why we’ve been saying this for almost 13 years… “know your options, choose with care”.  SO many people think they can choose a place on their own comparing the process to choosing an apartment, or thinking it’s similar to selecting a hotel for a vacation.  However, nothing could be further from reality as there is so much more that goes into this complex decision making process.  Let us know if we can help.  Call now at    (913) 945-2800  For full news/video report, CLICK HERE