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The Senior Care Difference

Which Approach Is Best For You?



The "Competition"




We work for you and represent you


They work for area facilities and represent them




Our job is to help you with critical decisions


Their job is to fill their client's buildings




We do not accept any reimbursement from any facilities


They are paid by the facilities they recommend




We research the entire marketplace to find the best fit for your unique situation


They only refer you to a limited number of facilities willing to pay them a very large sales commission, referral fee or kick back




When researching the market, we do not provide your personal information, acting as a filter, so that you are not contacted by any facility sales representatives


They forward your personal information to their list of contracted facilities, then the facility sales representatives all contact you immediately, it's a race to see who can get to you first.




We tour the facilities with you and conduct a performance audit, you'll only spend about 5 hours with our process


They do not tour facilities with you, you'll spend hours just returning all of the calls you receive from facility sales personnel, and this is only the beginning of your journey with them




During facility tours, we conduct a 49-point inspection and performance audit and report real-time findings to you in our Summary Report Package


They tell you about facility amenities, similar to what you would hear about when choosing a hotel while planning your next vacation




The Full Explanation: TRUTH

Steve Kuker created the Full Service Placement Program from his deeply personal experience with his own grandparents and we’ve been serving families in the Kansas City area since 2002. Recently, in the past few years, there have been a few companies arrive in our market place that appear to offer a “similar” service. However, upon closer inspection, these services are NOTHING like what we offer.


All you have to do is realize who pays them for their services. They offer “free” services promising to help you find a care facility. It may appear that they are working for you, but this is VERY misleading. Actually, they work on behalf of a small number of facilities in our area, they are nothing more that commissioned sales reps. These facilities are willing to pay these companies a huge fee of up to several thousand dollars for each admission they land. Some people call this a kick-back or a sales commission. They are in essence, a sales representative of the facilities willing to pay them for bringing you to their facility.


The question is…what if the best facility for you and your unique situation isn’t willing to pay them their astronomical sales commission and is not on their list? There are many fine facilities in our area that are not willing to pay them their fees. Unfortunately, even if one of these places would be best for your elderly loved one, you will most likely never hear about them from these companies. This is a clear example of the cliché “you get what you pay for”.  They primarily represent expensive private pay facilities, so if you don't have enough money to spend with them, they send you to a government web site for a list of facilities and are no longer interested in you.  


When you contact them, your name, phone number, email address, and other personal information is sent to their list of local facilities under contract. Then, aggressive and well trained facility sales personnel all contact you immediately, all at the same time! It’s a race to see who can get to you first. It is common for a person with a simple internet-based inquiry to be overwhelmed with dozens of phone calls from facility sales reps, all wanting you to come and visit their facility, have lunch with them, take a tour, etc.  This process actually adds to the stress a tired caregiver already has.


Many of our clients have looked into these services, only to become disgusted and frustrated with the process. We’ve also had many facility representatives confidentially express their dislike of these services as they’re inundated with sales leads that, at the end of the day, are not a good fit for them either, ultimately wasting their valuable time and yours as well.  


We fully believe that this business model and the other negative consequences of their process are a conflict of interest, at a minimum.  We believe the way they do business is unethical and destroys all objectivity and all credibility.  


By stark contrast, our process is the way it should be. We work for you! We represent you! Everything we do is for you, your elderly loved one, and is based on your unique situation. We work for you, with you, and on behalf of you and your family.  You retain us like you would retain an attorney, to represent you and your best interests. We are paid by you, not the care facilities, for the services we provide. We DO NOT receive compensation from the care facility that you choose. We do not receive ANY compensation from ANY facility at ANY time! We believe that doing this is just wrong.  THIS is the Senior Care difference! 


To learn more about the Senior Care Difference, contact us today at (913) 945-2800.

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Attention Medicaid Applicants!

Our Full Service Placement Program qualifies as an allowable "spend down" expense.  In a sense, the service does not cost you any extra out-of-pocket expense.  Contact us at 913-945-2800 or send us an email for more information on exactly how this works and how it may benefit you!  

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